Our Restaurant in Vienna

Our restaurant in Vienna’s vibrant 7th District was designed by the celebrated chef Eyal Shani, offering inventive culinary creations in a lively atmosphere…

Sunday Brunch

Plus, we have a special Sunday brunch, which will be back after a little summer break. Sign up for our newsletter to learn about the new dates.


Our restaurant’s group menu

So gather the good people around you and book your table – we also offer a special menu for groups of 8+.


An experience crafted by the Chef Eyal Shani

As Chef Eyal says, we hope you “feel free and feel love” in our spontaneous, passionate space, where we set our own rules to create a new dining experience.

Discover the Finest Place to Eat in Vienna’s Culinary Scene

We’re all about the nights that leave you and your soul feeling nourished. And like most food, ours tastes even better with good company and good music.